"Model Berlin"
 "Model Rom"


Service and support:

Every OLange vehicle is delivered with a complete set of documentation for maintenance and operations. With the purchase of 5 vehicles or more, we also offer a free day of training for your technical employees.

Warranty: We offer 2 years of warranty for all of our vehicles provided that they are maintained properly. Excepted are, of course, parts like chains, braking-pads and the likes. We offer 6 months minimum warranty for the built-in batteries and 24 months for the engines. longer warranty times are available upon request.

We also offer maintenance, support and refurbishment for vehicles from other manufacturers. Call us!

Visit our product gallery with high definition pictures! (Broadband recommended)

Vital information about different battery types:

 Li-Io technology

  Pb-gel technology

The light swift "Berlin"... ...in Action. The new Model "Rom"... ...now available!
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