"Model Berlin"
  "Model Rom"


Product portfolio:

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The optimized version of the proven lightweight vehicle model "Berlin" is available now! The first two delivered tricycles are already operating on the streets of Berlin and are considered even more comfortable and effective than the original.

Fresh out of beta - the brand new model "Rom" with unparalleled advertising space, passenger space, engine power and operations radius! It is entirely a new dimension on three wheels...

We are building exactly what the customer desires - this is the essence of our business culture. On the basis of our patented chassis variants "Berlin" and "Rom" we can offer to build nearly every conceivable variant of vehicle for you - be it a gigantic soda-can, a solar-powered ice vending box or a mobile coffee-house. Contact us to explore your ideas on a tricycle!

You are "only" looking for a chassis to carry your payload? You already own some sort of cabin and need three solid wheels to carry it? We also offer our proven chassis without any payload or cabin for your individual use!


high comfort high awareness a smooth ride... for guest and driver
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